Millions of social ads from 21 countries.

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Even more features worthy of mention.

Desktop and mobile ads

Our coverage spans both devices, and we can uniquely identify the same ad running across them to show you the cross-device variations!

Comprehensive ad formats

We cover every ad format; including videos! Our interface is extremely versatile by design to accommodate any new ad format immediately.

Permanent ads archive

We save a permanent copy of all ads and serve them through our own servers. Meaning, even if the original ad is deleted, you can still view it.

Instant, real-time updates

No more waiting for ads to be updated at set intervals! Our interface updates instantly with new ads. You can see ads from "seconds ago".

Link to actual ads

Want to see the actual ad on the traffic source? We provide the ad's link to you, allowing you to see up-to-date interactions such as comments!

Residential IP addresses

We visit the destination link using residential and carrier IP addresses, to beat any cloakers and show you the actual running landing pages.

Targeting overviews

You are provided an overview of the country, age, gender, ad type and device targeting based on the results of whatever you searched for.

Favourites and notifications

Like an ad? Save it to your "Favourites" for future reference! You can also receive alerts when ads are viewed with specified keywords.

Extremely fast interface

Our interface was built from scratch for maximum speed. All of your search requests will be processed within just a few milliseconds.

Why waste thousands of dollars testing ads blindly? For about what you spend on coffee, discover proven angles to start profiting within hours.